Team Development Day

By taking part in activities with the horses and observing each other, participants are given space and time to gain insight into their own behaviour style and that of their fellow team members.  

Our objective is to provide a completely different experience, far removed from normal working environments.  The team will have the opportunity to gain an appreciation of their strengths, consider how they can work together more effectively to achieve their common goals . . .  and of course have fun.

The nature of the learning process means we cannot dictate fixed outcomes.  However, a guaranteed take-away from the day is agreed "we will statements" to implement back in the workplace.  In order for the company to maximise their return on investment, it is essential that ownership for follow through of these statements is also agreed.

Improving Communication Skills

So much of our communication is through the subtle, non-verbal signals that we give and receive from others.  Through facilitated interaction with the horses, participants will discover and have time to reflect on how their emotion, motivation and energy impact on their communication with others.  This is a great opportunity to experiment with subtle changes and notice the change in response.

Leadership Skills Development

A horse needs a leader who will:

*   Present a request in a way that they can understand.                                                                                                               *   Be clear with their intention and match this with their body language.                                                                                     *   Be consistent and fair.                                                                                                                                                                   *   Allow thinking time to reach a full understanding of a request.                                                                                                 *   Not use fear, intimidation or force to get what they want.                                                                                                          *   Reward the smallest try.

  .     .     .     .     The Perfect Team Leader!

Participants can enjoy discovering more about their leadership style, what influences how they make decisions, how they communicate with others and their influence on those around them.  Horses live in the moment and will respond instinctively to motivation, energy and emotion providing instant feedback without criticism or judgement.

Follow on coaching for all programmes

*   Time spent with our horses develops an increased level of self-awareness.  To help further conceptualise                             insights gained, formulate thoughts and implement changes, we can provide follow up support through a personal             coach.

*   We work with a leading on-line assessment tool to provide a deeper understanding of personality and performance          strengths.  This applies to both individuals and teams.



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There is no riding involved and no previous experience of horses is necessary.

Bespoke programmes can be delivered to meet your requirements and compliment your existing learning and development programmes.  Please contact us contactdetails  for an informal discussion on how we can help you, your staff and your business. 

Our programme days are broadly split into three areas - Team Development, Improving Communication and Leadership Skills.